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KJD Artist Development in Wetherill Park and Penrith are ready to combine on one massive night as they come together for their first ever show case "LAUNCH".

The event will be held at Club Marconi in Bossley Park, Fairfield on 25th June and will showcase the professionalism of the studios with their special VIP Guest list of agents, promoters, producers and some of Australia's Entertainment industries very own singers.

"We have some new talent in our studio who will perform for the first time that night, but overall the standard of our singers is very high" says Studio Director, Kristie Doyle.

There will be solos and duets, groups, bands, some hip hop group dance talent to break up the night but KJD singers are taking this event very seriously with a lot of our singers utilising the dance talent in our studios and even using back up dancers for their performances.

Some of KJD Singers will event realise their originals for the first time on the night and we have screens with dance videos made by our talented performers, show reals, photos and social media links all on these big screens to help our audience really get to know the talent they are watching.

The night will be hosted by KJD Wetherill Parks very talented and very funny acting pro class!

"I'm growing excited watching this all come together and love what we are producing in our studios and cant wait to share it with the family and friends of the students and my industry friends who are coming along to watch this night unfold" says Kristie.

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