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CTM Music Releases EP

CTM Music

CTM Music Releases New EP Titled Emanate

Australian Record label/Publishing company powerhouse, CTM Music releases new EP titled Emanate. Emanate comprises of 5 young Artists with 5 new original songs. The EP was launched in Sydney Australia at the end of August 2017 and the Artists have attracted media attention across Sydney.

In their aim to bring positive message to the music world through their platform, CTM music continues to launch artists who their talents align with CTM music goal in the entertainment industry. The world is full of problems and marred with day to day situations that stress people out and make them unhappy, CTM wants to change that with the little they can, by infusing into an already saddened environment, happiness and joy through entertainment.

Radio friendly songs sometimes don’t pass across the message contained in songs but that is different in what we see at CTM. Emanate EP contains songs drawn from personal experiences of each artist featured in the album and also from their understanding of love. The songs in this EP are sure to take you on a musical journey as it explores the world of love and relationships. Carefully listening to the songs will give you a peek into what goes on in the life of young people.

The first song on the EP, Glide With Me performed by Olina Loua invites the listener to close their eyes and sing with her as the glide to a place called “sweet music” where happiness exists. Luke Pittaway the 16 year old from Sydney continues with an interesting and catchy song titled “The Truth Is “. In the song he tries to explain to his love interest that he doesn’t know how to say out loud the way he feels. The singer and songwriter who introduced himself to the music world on Australian X-Factor sings on the groovy song that he doesn’t want to write a love song about the way he feels because the world is already saturated with plenty of love songs. Your Wrong is another song sure to have an effect on listeners as Olivia Krautz stresses the need not to allow external views or criticism affect the way individuals view themselves.

On the 3rd song Amy Camilleri delivers a powerful song with her sweet vocals. Her style of singing would remind you of a young Beyoncé and Rihanna. The girl power infused r/b song “We Got the Heart” energizes females around the world to use the power they have to the full. The final song by Corey J would bring you to tears as it relates a personal experience. “As Life Goes On” is an inspiration to all those who feels like their world has been torn apart to shreds. It encourages each one to continue living as life goes on, facing every situation with hope and confidence that things do change.

This R&B/Soul E.P contains common themes like hope, love, and feminism. It is a must listen as it covers the entire topics being discussed in the world right now. Emanate is sure to keep you entertained and glued to your earpiece

To Get The E.P, Kindly Visit These Links:

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