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So KJD dance had evolved. Two performance studios were now running packed with dance classes and singing lessons in Penrith and Wetherill park and our talent development plan was in place. The senior classes and even the junior students were working in flash mobs parties, events and corporate functions but everyone is still asking, "what's talent development" well... it's about REALLY developing students talent to create future performing artist... it's about how we structure the dance classes and singing lessons, focusing on the students as individuals and what will work best to give them maximum results, how we run our programs, the confidence and opportunities the kids get and most importantly the success rate it bring our dancers.

We know where the opportunities are we have the industry knowledge and networks to provide these opportunities so let's create the kids who will be ideal for this!

Still confused? ok so I will break it down for you. Most dance studios have a set class, warm up, skills, routines... Well something like that but what's missing is a focus on those individual sets of learning... Given we still always warm up but we structured our classes to flow into one another so seniors can do a block of classes (this makes parents happy too) Take our Wetherill park dance studio Tuesday program for seniors we have a focus on acrobatics then into technical development stretching, leaps, turns, barre work and even adding these skills together but with a high energy focus to motivate to class = learning ballet minus the leotards and scrunched up noses. We leave the strict ballet for another night when the REALLY serious classes are on. Then they head into dance development which is a complete focus on choreography incorporating jazz and contemporary dance (and for me a touch of hip hop because I just can't help myself) then the given option of musical theatre to flow straight after, not all the students stay for music theatre, some don't even come in as early as acrobatics but the middle two classes even gets our casual class students really developing their dance skills at quite a fast rate.

Then take our future stars development program this is little kids aged 2/3-6years our program is set up for less running around the room like fairies or playing games (because let's face it mums we do that at home right?) but more focus on teaching skills and learning choreography. Two general phrases I hear from parents with kids that young are "wow I can't believe those little kids did that dance on their own!!" Yep kids can learn real choreography at that age FACT in the first 5 years of life children's learn the most... SO is it really that hard to believe then can retain choreography for me it's not because that's what we do! And the second? Well that's my favourite "there is now way ____ will get on stage" 90% of the time they DO and then watch their confidence increase!! The next dance class mums are saying to me "wow now ____ is even dancing better then before the show" you have to put these kids on stage, they are the hit of the show and the results for the kids are unbelievable AND THATS EXACTLY WHAT KJD DANCE DO! It's all about optimising results with opportunities.

I will get into the competitive performance side in the next blog post but I hope now you are starting to get a better idea on our programs

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