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KJD Recording Studio is Pumping

KJD Artist Development Wetherill Park classes start in only a few days, our teachers are pumped, we have some amazing new teachers joining our team this year, our programs are more exciting then ever before and this years events are going to blow your mind!! What we are planing for 2017 is going to be bigger then ever before and its all structured TO WORK!

Our recording studio has been pumping for 3 weeks now with KJD Talented singers already in the studio and producing their own songs and what they have created you wont believe!

Along side KJD Studios new Producer Joe Fidow KJD Artist development team held its first Artist Development Workshop early January and our singers are inspired! Joe is such an asset to the studio, he understands the industry, he understand the students and he understands KJD Artist Developments Vision.

We have built the recording studio to give their students more opportunities as part of their artist development programs and I don't even think the students could had imagined what we would have install for them or just how capable they are of producing their own songs!

Stay tuned for the realise of our first two group tracks and all our original artist who have been in the studio recording too. The vibe at the studio has been amazing... but it is really only the beginning for KJD Recording Studios, their singers and KJD Artist Development in 2017!

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